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Portable 12-Volt Auto Air Conditioners are used for many other After Market purposes for Vehicles like Trucks, Campers, Boats, plus Farm & Construction Equipment

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Many sell a $39 Fan they call an Air Conditioner, however it is just a Fan! Buy Ice for the Fan to blow into, which Melts in Minutes not Hours and it will not cool at all with just Cold Water!

You cannot cool a vehicle completely without a Factory type installed Air Conditioner. However relief from the Heat is available by using the MW2 (left above) or WIN3 (right above) if you have a good place to set it so that it surrounds you and a passenger within a foot or so for maximum benefit. The next paragraph will give you some ideas on placement of the cooling system.

Click on the Flex Hose Kit 2
(right below) to understand the typical need in a moving vehicle to produce maximum cooling effect in both Humid or Dry climates. Use Water only without quick melting Ice. Just plug in the 10 foot (3 meter) power cord and add water.

Proper Ventilation is needed, which means that you need a couple windows down a few inches. For example the passenger window might be down 4 inches and the drivers window down a couple of inches when traveling at highway speeds.

However when getting into stop and go traffic a great deal the drivers window may have to be down all the way or use the Air Intake Housing Kit
(left above). Click on either the picture of the Air Intake Housing Kit link to see if this option would help your commute.

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If money and inconvenience are no problem consider the MK3,
(right below) which uses "Ice Water" for 12-Volt Air Conditioning. The MK3 uses about 20 pounds of ice Per Hour during the day and does not need outside ventilation.

Set the MW2 or WIN3 on the floor out of the way and set the Water level low. The lower the water level the cooler the air, as there is more Cooling Pad to produce cool air.

All evaporative coolers like the MW2 need ventilation to keep from building up humidity, therefore dust may still enter the cab, however you will be breathing cool filtered air through the Cooling Filter.

A Battery Driven Portable System cannot be compared with an Engine driven Auto Air Conditioner. Therefore we always recommend you repair your existing A/C or install an engine driven Auto Air Conditioner. However if that is not possible we have your alternatives!

Length, Width & Height
Inches & Centimeters



12.6 Volts

12.6 Volts

12.6 Volts

 WIN3 Inches 12½ x 10¾ x 8¾
Centimeters=31.7 x 27.3 x 22.25

 5.96 Pounds
2.70 Kilograms

 1.5 Gallons
5.7 Liters

 .9 Amps
11.3 Watts

 1.6 Amps
20.2 Watts

2.4 Amps
30.2 Watts

 MW2 Inches 10 ¼ x 8 x 7 ¼
Centimeters 28.6 x 20.3 x 18.5


 1/2 Gallon
2.0 Liters
Includes Float

 .9 Amps
11.3 Watts

 1.6 Amps
20.2 Watts

2.4 Amps
30.2 watts

MK3 Inches 13 ¾ x 8 x 7 ¼
Centimeters 24.4 x 20.3 x 18.5


  Plus Ice Chest
of Any Size

  2.2 Amps
27.7 Watts

 2.7 Amps
34.0 Watts

3.4 Amps
39.1 Watts

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Customer Comments

12-Volt Air Conditioner Cooling Systems for a
[Vehicle - Boat - Golf Cart - Truck Sleeper - Electric Vehicle - Camper - Pet - Aircraft - Tractor]

A Battery Driven Portable System cannot be compared with an Engine driven Auto Air Conditioner. Therefore we always recommend you repair your existing A/C or install an engine driven after-market Auto Air Conditioner.

If, however, these suggestions are not possible, then you may consider an Alternative Cooling System like the MW2 (left below) combined with the Flex Hose Kit 2 (click on link) in both Humid or Dry climates using water only and no ice needed for cooling, however some ventilation is needed.

If your area is typically Humid & you want the best 12-Volt Models available, regardless of expense, then an Ice Water Model Vehicle Air Conditioner like the MK3 (left) could be your choice.

Portable 12-Volt Low Energy Air Conditioner Using portable cooling in moving Vehicles or Aircraft present great problems because of the extreme heat. A Flex Hose Kit will revolutionize 12-volt cooling by helping combat this extreme heat in Dry or Humid areas and make the location of the portable system extremely flexible. Check out these Kits, which are available now for all MightyKool Models including those you presently own.

Normally a Flex Hose Kit would not needed when cooling with water only in dry climates for sleeping like in Boats, Campers, Truck Sleepers, etc. However if you need cooling in a humid climate using water only then the Flex Hose Kit is vital for sleeping or use in moving vehicles.

Cigarette Lighter PlugJust plug in & add Water

Note: The MightyKool MW1 & MW2 produce about 5 degree cooler air than the Swampy T154 because of the unique Evaporative Cooling Systems incorporated in all MightyKool Models. Also these are more versatile for other uses, however they are typically a bit more difficult to position in a vehicle than the T154, unless you use the Flex Hose Kit and then they are superior to the T154.

What is the difference between an Auto Evaporative Cooler and an Auto Air Conditioner?

One of the differences between an Auto Air Conditioner like the MK3 and an Auto Evaporative Cooler like the MW1 and WIN are the methods used to produce cool air. Auto Evaporative Cooling has cool air that feels like an Ocean Breeze & uses Water only in the MW1 and Ice and Water in the WIN. An Auto Air Conditioner has dry cool air like you feel in Vehicle Air Conditioning & uses lots of Ice along with Water. People in dry climates generally prefer the feel of Auto Evaporative Cooling and those in humid areas generally choose an Auto Air Conditioner.

A Portable Auto Air Conditioner or Evaporative Cooler is preferred if installing an after market Auto Air Conditioner is not possible. Also if repairing an factory installed Auto Air Conditioner is not possible, then you may consider an Alternative. Portable Cooling Alternatives can be moved from vehicle to vehicle and will provide relief for one or two people while providing no strain on the engine and, of course, your money.

Portable Cooling for Trucks, Tractors & Construction Equipment. Portable Cooling for Camping pleasure.Back to the Top of the Page


How Modern Air Conditioning Methods Utilize Ice

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The following question was taken from our FAQ Section

1. How Large an Area will a Portable Device cool?

Seems like a logical question, however Portable Cooling Systems are typically designed for Spot Cooling, not area cooling. We do not know if the area to be cooled is well insulated or if it is cool to begin with or if there is enough power and other resources to maintain a full power-on situation. It does not matter if you are using a Portable Cooling System in an auditorium or a phone booth. Size does not make any difference because you will place the Portable device where you need it! That is the advantage of Portable Systems.

We always recommend you install properly sized refrigerated central systems if you are not limited to either energy or financial resources. However if you are limited to either or both resources, then consider Portable Spot Cooling! These systems work well unless you need to cool the pictures on the walls or all the people in a vehicle; in which case you must install a properly sized permanently mounted central system.

The bottom line: If there is no limit on resources install a properly sized built-in cooling device. If, on the other hand, there are limited resources of energy and/or finances utilize a Portable Cooling System to provide that needed relief from the heat! Our Portable Auto Air Conditioner is strong enough to blow the papers off your desk, yet quieter than most TV commercials! More Answers on these subjects.

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Customer comments using Swampys in Vehicles

Now that I have used the unit for a few days I wanted to get back in touch with you. Yes, I am pleased with the MW1 MightyKool. It is not air Conditioning, but is a big step up from the heat of stop and go traffic and the noise of driving down the freeway with the windows down all the way. It sits on the passenger seat next to me on the box it shipped in. I think it makes the cabin feel like it's in the mid 80 degree range, certainly not like A/C, but far more tolerable. I would recommend this unit to anyone with a situation similar to mine. Old car, driving alone, and a steep repair bill to fix the A/C. Thanks, J. G. Denver, CO.

I wanted to let you know that the swampy T154 has been superb.. just the thing in our old trucks. I can't tell you how much better I feel after a day in the cab vs. the 100 degree heat we were living with before.. I'll be buying them for our other trucks this fall. Thanks, J. B. Milton-Freewater, OR.

You have a heck of a product here. I really do notice that the MW1 is there next to me. As a matter of fact I love the little thing and have already shown it to a co-worker whom I hope does not steal it out of my Jeep. I cannot find any fault with this at all. D. E. Redlands, CA

I have my new Swampy T154 cooler. It fits just right in my 66 Ford Econoline. I know it will work great, because my friend has one in his 64 Econoline. Thank you for quick delivery. J. G. Tucson, AZ.

I thank you for your speed and quality of distribution. I received my ICESTER AC12 (Ice water Model) this morning. I installed it in my (VW) Golf to test this strange object… I did not put the quantity of ice (approximately 8kgs) necessary to the correct operation but just some refills for a short test. I am astonished because that functions well, the air crossing the AC12 was definitely colder that that taken by the ventilation of origin of the car. M. D. Paudex, Switzerland

I am a letter carrier in Dallas Texas where it isn't only hot, hot, hot, but is also humid. A letter carrier friend who lives in Bakersville, CA bought your Swampy Model MW-1 and she says she loves it and it works great. G. M. Dallas, TX. --
(NOTE: Unfortunately we had to inform G.M. that the Model MW1 that worked so well in CA does not work well in Dallas because of the Humidity in Dallas)

The IM30 (Ice Water Model) works terrific in this big truck and my boss may be in contact as they have 60 trucks and this is the first system they have seen that works. R.P. Flint, MI.

"Got it yesterday thanks, and the IM20 (Ice Water Model) really helped cool my trip down 119 in a hot van!!! I love it.....many thanks! Next thing is to try it using ice rather than just water...... Best wishes and thanks for coming up with such a great product. You live in Arizona, so you understand!!!!" J. S. Tucson, AZ

Of course there are many more customer comments under Testimonials.

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